Matthew Finlayson

These are some visualizations I have made over the years, both for academia and for fun!

Relief map of Washington State (Blender) [Code]
Language model (TikZ) [Code]
The 3-Simplex (TikZ) [Code]
Transformations in the 4-Simplex (MatPlotLib) [Code]
The softmax bottleneck (TikZ) [Code]
Basis-aware threshold sampling (TikZ) [Code]
Threshold sampling (TikZ) [Code]
Truncation strategies (TikZ) [Code]
Noisy off-white background (ImageMagick)
convert -size 3456x2234 xc:WhiteSmoke +noise gaussian -blur 0x0.5 -colorspace gray img/bg.png
Fin the shark (GIMP)
Live photo of earth from space (Python) [Code]