This is my website. I use it to show off to people I want to hire me. I also post about little projects I do, mostly having to do with maps.


I'm a Predoctoral Researcher at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2). I studied computer science and linguisitcs at Harvard. I am interested in using lingusitics and formal languages to study langauge models as general-purpose NLP systems.


  1. Decomposed Prompting: A Modular Approach for Solving Complex Tasks.
    Tushar Khot, Harsh Trivedi, Matthew Finlayson, Yao Fu, Kyle Richardson, Peter Clark and Ashish Sabharwal.
    ICLR, .
    [PDF] [Code]
  2. Līla: A Unified Benchmark for Mathematical Reasoning.
    {Matthew Finlayson, Swaroop Mishra,} Pan Lu, Leonard Tang, Sean Welleck, Chitta Baral, Tanmay Rajpurohit, Oyvind Tafjord, Ashish Sabharwal, Peter Clark, and Ashwin Kalyan.
    EMNLP, .
    [PDF] [Data] [Model] [Website] [Leaderboard]
  3. What Makes Instruction Learning Hard? An Investigation and a New Challenge in a Synthetic Environment.
    Matthew Finlayson, Kyle Richardon, Ashish Sabharwal, and Peter Clark.
    EMNLP, .
    [PDF] [Code]
  4. Causal Analysis of Syntactic Agreement Mechanisms in Neural Language Models.
    {Matthew Finlayson, Aaron Mueller,} Sebastian Gehrmann, Stuart Shieber, Tal Linzen, and Yonatan Belinkov.
    [PDF] [Code]